Currently, I´m working as System Analyst & Application Manager in the Global IT Department for Global Innovation Development. Before that, I´ve worked as Business Operator for an ELN System, Preclinical Study Management Software and an Animal Management Software in the Preclinical Pharmacology Department.
The Preclinical Study Management Software and the Animal Management Software were planned and developed by me.

The following tasks include my current work as System Analyst:

  • Contact for users of IT systems for research and development.
  • Analyze requirements on existing or newly implemented IT systems and ensure their operation.
  • Analysis of underlying business processes and business data models.
    Creation of requirement documents and technical specifications including coordination with the business partner (departments and external service providers).
  • Derivation of specific system requirements from technical requirements.
  • Management of external service providers in their function as systems supplier or project Partner.

As Application Manager , I have the following Tasks for a Multi-Project management Software Planisware:

  • administers the application from a technical point of view
    • ensure daily operation, maintanance and technical support off application/system
  • primary contact person for IT software/service providers and colleagues in Global IT
  • performs/coordinates
    • technical/IT related
      • incident and problem management
      • activities/documents in projects and changes (including validation)
      • tasks (e.g. backup/restore, security updates, tests)
    • user access (setup/configure roles & rights)
  • maintains
    • technical related system documentation (e.g. asset/configuration management)
    • interfaces from/to other systems (technical view)
  • manages IT maintanance/hosting/support/license fee contracts

Furthermore this  were the following tasks which include my last work as Business Operator:

  • administers the application from a business point of view
  • primary contact person for all users and business stakeholders
  • performs/coordinates
  • business/process related
  • incident and problem management
  • activities in projects and changes (including validation)
  • user access management (definition roles & rights) and training
  • dictionary/master data management, data curation/upload/import
  • gathering/reviewing/evaluating new business requirements and advises business maintains
  • business related system documentation (SOPs, user manuals/training)
  • interfaces from/to other systems (functional/process/data view)
  • manages IT licenses (compliance view)

In the past, I´ve worked 22 years as Lab technician and of it 14 years as Science Instructor for Apprentice Biology Lab Assistants and Science students.
As a Lab Technician I have performed non-Clinical studies in pain, addictive behavior with main focus of establishing new models and readouts.

Furthermore I have several years of experience in MS SQL and Oracle database Administration as well as software development.