Product Owner 

(April 2021-Today)

Responsible for the IT and Data Landscape within Pharma Research & Development Organisation including Project Pipeline and Budget for projects and operating costs.

Support the business from ideation, prototyping, designing and final implementation of digital solutions.

Act as a Project Manager in Digitalisation Projects and ensure project governance across the pipeline.


Solution Architect

(October 2019-March 2021)

In this role, I was a key contact for departments when they requesting new IT systems. Starting with the requirements analysis, business process analysis, creation of the business case and project application up to the presentation for project approval. Afterwards I am responsible as project manager for the implementation of the new IT solution and coordinate and manage internal and also external international, intercultural project teams.
My experience includes not only specialized IT projects but also cross-functional global IT projects.
Analysis of the original business processes, looking for a more efficient digital or consolidated solution to create a solution vision and design a solution that meets the needs and is implemented under a number of constraints such as cost and affordability, delivery time and organizational standards.
To ensure continuity along solution delivery, cross-functional collaboration with other IT functions, other architecture roles, business analysis and service management is essential.

My tasks were:

  • Identify and design suitable solution design options for the pharmaceutical research and development area
  • Understand solutions in detail while maintaining an overview of the broader (and higher) context of business needs for the solution, explaining both views of information sets.
  • Communicate with all parties – technical and business – involved in the development and delivery of the solution, assist in decision making, be realistic and make appropriate compromises and design decisions to create the best solution design.
  • Applying technology appropriately and with selective innovation, provided that new knowledge and ways of applying technology are constantly acquired.
  • Integrated over the entire length during solution provision
  • Be the advocate of the solution and the expert on topics


System Analyst & Application Manager

(March 2018- October 2019)

Planning, controlling and monitoring of IT implementation projects as well as migration projects in pharmaceutical Research & Development and ensuring project success in the departments. Analysis of business processes and transfer of these into digital business processes complete the project portfolio.

Coordination of system- / infrastructure-related operational tasks (SaaS or systems with outsourced operation).
Central contact for Business Operator, Global IT and IT Solution/Service Provider.
Ensuring and Managing the daily operation, maintenance and technical support of the system (via SLAs / contracts / KPIs).

Business Operator

(Nov. 2015-Feb. 2018)

In this phase I planned and developed:

  • Animal Management Software
  • Planning & Resource Management Software for internal & external non-clinical studies

Further tasks belonged to this time:

  • Management of IT systems from a business point of view
  • Main contact person for all users and interest groups in various specialist areas
  • business-/process related implementation/coordination
  • Incident and problem management
  • Activities in projects and changes (including validation)
  • User access management (definition of roles and rights) and training
  • Master Data Management, data maintenance/upload/import of data
  • Collect/review/evaluate new business requirements and provide consulting services to various business units
  • Maintenance of business-related system documentation (SOPs, user manuals/trainings)
  • Management and development of interfaces from/to other systems (function, process and data view)
  • Management of IT licenses (compliance view)

Lab Technician

(Juli 1996–Okt. 2015)

Core tasks were software planning and software development for preclinical studies on pain and addictive behavior of new models. Software development based on Visual Basic, later C#, I also developed desktop applications for behavioral pharmacological models.

In this phase I planned and developed:

  • Behavior Analysis Software for behavior pharmacology evoked and non-evoked pain studies
  • Evaluation Software for Social Recognition
  • Measurement acquisition software for Operant Conditioning
  • Reconstruction and adaptation of various hardware from global suppliers of pharmaceutical measuring instruments

For data storage and analysis interfaces to Oracle or MS SQL database servers were implemented. Through many years of training and supervision as a science instructor for biology laboratory assistants apprentices and science students, I was able to achieve a deep knowledge and experience in team leadership and supervision.